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Merchants - How It Works

Seamless Integration - More Customers


We’re a payment option that plugs into your store, like PayPal but for Leasing.

Credit Check

When your customer chooses to lease, we give them a credit check and a lease agreement.

Down Payment

Customers only have to provide a small down payment to us, but we immediately pay you in full.

Lease to Own

Customers take advantage of our 90 Days Same as Cash program, or they can own in 12 payments.

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Shoppers - How It Works

Buy with Less


When you lease a product, you only pay a modest down payment, after 11 more payments you get to KeepIt! (We also offer 90 Days Same As Cash)


You complete a short online application, your applications is approved in seconds, and you e-sign the lease agreement.

Down Payment

We’ll charge you a monthly lease payment, but you can send your product back anytime and owe no more money.

Lease to Own

If you make 12 payments, your lease ends automatically and you get to keep your products with no further obligation.

About Us

LeaseItKeepIt, Inc. was founded in 2013. We've grown quickly and currently have offices in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Baroda, India. LeaseItKeepIt Inc. has developed a cutting edge payment method which allows shoppers to make purchases with easy and flexible payment terms.

LeaseItKeepIt was conceived with the intent of making internet shopping more affordable with easier payment terms. Rather than making layaway payments and waiting until those payments are completed to receive your merchandise, LeaseItKeepIt has designed a payment option where you get your goods NOW, and pay later.

Shoppers can enjoy more time to pay for their purchases by using our "90 days same as cash" financing, or stretch their payments over 12 months, by paying a bit more. For those shoppers that decide they don’t want to keep their item, they can also return them after a minimum number of payments, and owe no further money. LeaseItKeepIt puts the customer in the driver’s seat!

We’ll be announcing merchants offering LeaseItKeepIt payment financing in the coming months!

Alex Edelstein

CEO and Co-founder

Alex Edelstein has participated in building some of the internet’s biggest companies; including Netscape, Microsoft, and Inktomi. He also co-founded and built Servio, a marketing services company that was sold in 2012 to Crowdsource Solutions. Alex has a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from University of California, Berkeley.

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LeaseItKeepIt is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has offices in San Francisco, Reno, and Vadodara, India.

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